Chef for a day


For a Day

At Domo Achenza we offer the opportunity to fulfill your dream and become a chef for a day here in Sardinia.

We will give you our kitchen and we will put ourselves at your service to help you cook everything you have in mind for your fellow diners.

In this way we will give you a hand to shop, to prepare the dishes, to set up the room and the tables, to serve during lunch or dinner and finally we will take care of the cleaning of the spaces.

We know how important it is for a cook, or simply a cooking enthusiast, to have a beautiful, large and well-equipped space available, we too had this dream long ago, and once it was realized we thought that in part we could also share it.

In addition, our kitchen is adjacent to the dining room and the beauty of our space lies in the fact that guests can see and talk to the chef while he works, or the chef himself can talk to his guests and go around the room to ask opinions and feeling on his dishes.

We certainly offer you a unique and fun experience that will make you and your fellow diners proud.

Contact us for any information and availability for your event at our kitchen and facility.