Ravioli Making Course

Ravioli Making Course


Ravioli have now become a “must” of Italian and international cuisine, who does not know them and who would not like to prepare them at home to be able to present them and let their friends and relatives taste them?

With this course we want to show our customers how to make good, fresh and light ravioli.

The course will take place starting from a short introduction on what will be done, after which once we have decided the type of filling, we will work on the pasta and its drafting to create the ravioli that will be cut by hand one by one.

We offer stuffed with the classic ricotta and spinach, the traditional Terralba’s with ricotta, orange and saffron, or those stuffed with meat, cheese or fish.

Once prepared, we all will obviously taste your creations!

In short, with us there is always a lot of choice, and what are you waiting for booking your course?