Mari Ermi Beach

Mari Ermi Beach

50 Km from Domo Achenza

Mari Ermi Beach is located immediately after Is Arutas, compared to the latter it is much less known and frequented, but it is just as beautiful.

In fact, even the beach of Mari Ermi is made up of small grains of white quartz which make it beautiful with its contrast between the white of the beach and the crystalline blue of the sea.

As mentioned, it is much less known, therefore here you will certainly find a tranquility and relaxation that perhaps you will not have in Is Arutas.

To reach this beach, head towards Cabras and continue towards San Salvatore where you will find the crossroads for the beaches. Go past the crossroads for Is Arutas and after a few kilometers you will find the crossroads for Mari Ermi.

Parking is also subject to charges in this area.