Pistis Beach

Pistis Beach

18 Km from Domo Achenza

Pistis Beach is perhaps the closest beach to our guesthouse with a beautiful sea both in the morning and in the afternoon.

To reach it, you pass through the nearby Marceddì, the characteristic fishing village which is a fraction of Terralba.
From here, cross the small bridge at the exit of the village and continue towards Sant’Antonio di Santadi where there is the junction for the beach.

After about 4 kilometers you reach the coast made up of medium-fine grained golden sand.

The road ends with the parking lot (for a fee) where you will find a bar/restaurant and a kiosk where you can rent deck chairs and umbrellas.

The beach is decidedly huge, very wide and long, it extends up to the other renowned seaside resort near us which is Torre dei Corsari.

It is strongly advised to be careful when bathing when the sea is not particularly calm due to the currents that drag you away.