San Giovanni di Sinis

San Giovanni di Sinis

41 Km from Domo Achenza

San Giovanni di Sinis is located exactly on the opposite top of the Gulf of Oristano from Terralba, at Capo San Marco.

The locality is renowned not only for the beauty of the sea and the beaches in the area, there are more than one and all of them are beautiful, but also for the presence of the archaeological excavations of Tharros, which is an old Phoenician colony.

As anticipated, the beaches are different, but the particularity of the area is that since Capo San Marco is a peninsula, you will always find the calm sea on one of the two sides: when it is rough on one side, it is calm on the other and vice versa.

In San Giovanni di Sinis there are several kiosks/bars, restaurants and a beautiful promenade that leads to the tower that overlooks the area.

From here you can also start two beautiful treks: one goes all the way around Capo San Marco with a path that runs along the entire ridge of the peninsula, the other starts from San Giovanni di Sinis, passes Torre di Seu, Maimoni and arrives to Is Arutas (if you wish, continue towards Mari Ermi and even further up towards Putzu Idu).

If you want to eat a good sandwich or something delicious in San Giovanni, we recommend you go to our friend Tore of the “Casas” focaccia shop, obviously tell them that we sent you from Domo Achenza.

To reach San Giovanni di Sinis from Terralba, you have to cross Oristano and head towards Cabras. Pass the town and follow the road signs.