Cooking course Sardinia

Cooking Course


Are you in love with Italian cuisine and would you like to learn some secrets with a different and funny cooking course?

Or do you simply want to prepare a complete meal with us to enjoy at our facility?

At Domo Achenza we offer the opportunity to participate in a one-day cooking class that will allow you to prepare, with our assistance and our advice, wonderful dishes of the Italian cuisine and tradition.

Our proposal is to let you touch with your hands the preparation of an appetizer, a first course, a second course and a dessert, all obviously compatible with your commitments and times.

We can arrange traditional Sardinian cuisine, or the Roman one perhaps a little more known, to arrive at typical Italian dishes that are sometimes more famous in the world such as Milanese risotto, pasta with pesto and much more.

Contact us to agree on the menu to prepare and we will be happy to meet your every need.

Ah… Obviously, at the end of the course we all eat together what you have prepared!