Piscinas Beach

Piscinas Beach

47 Km from Domo Achenza

Piscinas is certainly the best known area by tourists on the “Costa Verde” together with the beach of Portixeddu.

This locality is famous for its dunes that surround the area and the road to get to the beach.

To reach the area from Terralba there are two roads: one passes through Marceddì, crossing the narrow bridge with alternating directions over the lagoon, and then continuing towards Sant’Antonio di Santadi, Torre dei Corsari and keep going towards Piscinas.

Alternatively, you can go through Guspini and Arbus and then take the road that leads directly to Piscinas.

On the beach there are two kiosks where you can eat and drink.

Parking is paid if you want to park near the beach, while if you find a place a little further away and are willing to walk a little, the parking spaces are free.

To reach Piscinas you have to take a paved road up to a certain point and then a few kilometers of dirt road where you will also have to ford a small stream.

Attention to the sea is recommended when there is a bit of wave.