Giuseppe Sedilesu Winery

Giuseppe Sedilesu


The Giuseppe Sedilesu winery is a wonderful wine-growing reality in the Nuoro area, and more precisely in Barbagia, in the small town of Mamoiada, which is a few kilometers from Nuoro.

The cellar is located in the center of the town, in a street that is easy to find and reach, which is the main road that leads to the center of the town, you can find it by going up on the right.

Already at first sight, seeing the building in which the winery is located, you understand how much the owners care about their business, giving a clean and modern image, but at the same time veiled by that nostalgic note that looks to the buildings of the past with stone and wood, so as to be well integrated into the history of the town.

The winery is easily visible among other things with the beautiful logo representing a Mamuthones, integrated into the facade.

Upon entering you find a large, bright and well-furnished space, with traditional Sardinian articles and objects as well as obviously a beautiful wall with all their labels on display on a very beautiful iron display.

Further on on the right is the counter, a nice equipped counter to be honest, where you can taste the wines from the cellar.

Tastings which can obviously also be done on the tables in the room upon reservation.

Always by reservation it is possible to visit the production area with the barrels, bottles and steel tanks.

The visit to the Giuseppe Sedilesu winery is certainly one of those experiences not to be missed if you are in the Mamoiada area or if you are even just passing through those areas.

It could be a nice day trip from Domo Achenza!

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