Seadas Making Course

Seadas Course


One of the most popular traditional sweets in Sardinia known by tourists and obviously by Sardinians are definitely the Seadas or Sebadas, the name depends on the place you are.

It is a dessert made of light puff pastry that swells during cooking, strictly fried, with cheese and lemon inside, but also for this dessert there are many variations both for the way of preparing them and for the filling (once we made them with highly digestible cheese and with orange instead of lemon, obviously on request).

With this course we propose to show our customers the preparation of this magnificent and very tasty dessert.

We will start with a brief explanation of what we are going to do and then we will proceed with the preparation of the dough and filling.

Finally, after letting them rest for a while, we will show you how to cook them and finally eat them.

A morning or an afternoon where you will surely spend many fun and certainly very tasty moments!