Is Arutas Beach

Is Arutas Beach

47 Km from Domo Achenza

Is Arutas beach is undoubtedly the best-known seaside location in the whole Oristano area. Over the years it has conquered this position thanks to the incredible beach made up of very small white quartz pebbles, in fact it is also called the beach of the “grains of rice”.

The beach is wide and slightly steep, the sea deep but beautiful. On the right of the inlet you will find a fantastic corner for your souvenir photos.

To get to Is Arutas from Tarralba you have to cross Oristano, pass Cabras and turn at San Salvatore to then find the crossroads for Is Arutas one kilometer further on.

On site you will find a kiosk bar and a restaurant, you can go to Attilio restaurant, ask of Massimo or Alba and tell them Domo Achenza is sending you there.

Parkhttp://mari ermiing is subject to charges during the summer season.

Close to Is Arutas you have also the beach of Mari Ermi and Maimoni.